1. When is the best time to book?

As a general principle: The earlier you book, the better. Of course, we will also try to arrange appointments for you on short notice. Keep in mind that the ladies are employed and that they have to take the time out for a date with you.

2. How discreet is the agency?

Absolute discretion is a matter of course for us as an agency and for our escort ladies. Absolute discretion is one of our basic requirements and is something you expect.

3. What are the fees which the ladies charge?

A detailed list about the prices and the duration of the dates with our escort ladies is shown under “Fees”. Under “Fees” you will also find a list of travel costs so that you have no hidden charges. You have full cost control!

Please understand that the fees cannot be negotiated.

4. How does payment work?

If more extensive travel time for a lady is required or this is a long-term reservation, we generally expect an advance payment which is to be transferred.

Please give the remaining fee agreed upon or the entire fee to the lad at the start of your date, if possible without request, in an open envelope. There can be misunderstandings. Therefore, the escort lady is required to take a look into the envelope. Please understand this and do not take this the wrong way. In order to avoid an unpleasant situation, pay directly via the agency. This makes cash-free meetings possible and you can handle the business aspect before your date.

5. I have to cancel an appointment – What happens then?

If there should be a scheduling conflict, please let us know immediately – at the latest 24 hours prior to your date. Something can always come up but our escort lady must keep this time free for your date.
If you should cancel on the day of your meeting, we provide the lady compensation in the amount of EUR 300. Any remaining total is offset with the next reservation (within 4 weeks) (if a pre-payment was made. Otherwise, you are to provide the compensation).

If we learn about your cancellation only when the ladies are on their way, we will charge you a fee of EUR 500 plus any travel costs.

The Escort Service Agency team wishes you an exciting date with your escort lady!