Dear Gentlemen

Below you can see an overview of the fees and travel costs of our models.



Duration Price
2 hours 700 Euro
3 hours 900 Euro
4 hours 1100 Euro
6 hours 1300 Euro
1 night up to 12 hours 1750 Euro
1 night up to 18 hours 2000 Euro
1 day up to 24 hours 2400 Euro
2 days up to 48 hours 3500 Euro
each additional day 1000 Euro



Duration Price
2 hours 500 Euro
3 hours 650 Euro
4 hours 800 Euro
6 hours 1000 Euro
1 night up to 12 hours 1500 Euro
1 night up to 18 hours 1700 Euro
1 day up to 24 hours 2100 Euro
2 days up to 48 hours 2950 Euro
each additional day 850 Euro


Travel costs

If a reservation is made in the home town of the escort lady, there are no travel costs. However, if your escort lady requires additional travel time (Auto/ICE/flights), the travel costs are charged individually depending on the distance and means of transport.

Travel by car:

Up to 50 km: 40 Euro

Up to 100 km: 75 Euro

Up to 200 km: 120 Euro

Over 200 km, price by request

Travel with ICE train/flight

In Germany, we only charge the ticket prices for ICE or a flight and taxi.

Within the EU, there is a flat-rate fee of EUR 150 plus ICE train or flight and taxi.

We recommend that you always make full payments directly through the agency. Only in this way can we act if there are complications or complaints.

If you pay on site, our escort ladies expect their fee without request at the start of the date in an open envelope. If your escort lady does not do it, please request that she take a look inside the envelope and check the contents. Here large bills are advantageous so that she can check quickly and discreetly.

For whatever reason you require a cancellation, we request that you do it as quickly as possible. If you cancel on the day of the appointment, our escort lady receives a fee of EUR 300. Any residual total is credited to you for a new date within 4 weeks (only if you have made an advance payment). Otherwise, you have to pay the fee for the lady.

Why do we have to pay our escort girls a fee when a date is cancelled? Our escort girls have a regular profession. It is possible that they have to reserve extra time for the date with you. That is why we pay the escort girl a fee for cancellations on the same day.

If we learn about your cancellation only when the ladies are on their way, we will charge you a fee of EUR 500 plus any travel costs (due and payable immediately).

Travel costs are charged individually based on distances and means of travel. You can determine the travel costs yourself because the travel location is located in the flyer for our escort models. You can see an overview of the trip in our travel cost table at the top of the page.